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This website is the official gateway for information on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Myanmar. Through this website, information is provided on latest policy and regulatory development regarding PPP in Myanmar. Upcoming PPP projects are also publicized and Government officials, as well as other stakeholders, can access resources and training materials related to the PPP procurement mechanism.

In Myanmar, the long term vision of the Government is to establish Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as a significant approach through which infrastructure and services are delivered to support the strong future development of the country‚Äôs economy and society. The medium term vision of the Government is to further develop the enabling environment for PPP together with implementing pioneer PPP projects.



Private participation in infrastructure is expected to create value-for-money for Myanmar and the Government in a number of ways, including:

  • Bringing private innovation, expertise and management to infrastructure
  • Better project management, including project delivery on-time and on-budget
  • Optimized (lifecycle) project design, investment, maintenance and operations
  • Better customer orientation
  • Mobilization of private financing
  • Better realization of commercial potential of infrastructure
  • More efficient and cost-effective management of certain risks (such as construction risks)

To realize value-for-money from private participation, the Government will focus on specifying PPP projects on an output basis; will allocate risk appropriately and will contract private partners following a competitive tendering process. Effective post-contract oversight will also be realized to ensure that the private partner meets the performance targets specified in the contract. The Government will therefore play a key role in structuring, procurement and oversight of PPP, and will put in place specialized support in this regard.


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